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Tip of the week: Do not confuse interview experience with experience

Reason: The ability to interview is not synonymous with the ability of the interviewee. Some candidates may be completely inexperienced with interviewing. For example, you may be interviewing a recent veteran who has never had to interview for a job before (the military promotes/ assigns jobs differently) or a person that is looking to transition from an organization they have worked in for many years. They could be the perfect candidate for the job, but could have a harder, less ‘polished’ experience showing you. Before dismissing a candidate because they are clearly uncomfortable, stumbling over their answers, and surprised by even the most basic interview questions, take the time to make sure it is their responses and not how they respond that’s the problem. Use techniques such as opening with small talk to put them at ease and get them talking, describing the interview process, and ensuring them that they can take their time with the responses.

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