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Career.Place Introduction Webinar May 2018


Since launching, we've been asked many times to share details of our solution. Many want to know how we can solve hiring problems.

Check out our recent webinar where we introduced you to

  • Addressed diversity challenges in the workplace by removing Bias from the hiring funnel

  • How enables one to focus on qualified candidates and not the noise – saving time, money, and resources. In other words, preventing the “Bad Hire”

  • Help build a compliant program with our solution using anonymity to provide every candidate with an equal and fair opportunity for any job posted.

Check out how we solve bias and increase diversity in the hiring process.

Let us know what you think! Didn't make it the live session on May 2nd? No problem, catch the next one in June.

We'd love to know what you think - Gabe Gurman

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