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Training from The journey from bias to awareness

Empyrean Benefits invited Ms. Dobbins to present training on The Journey from Bias to Awareness

7/10/2020 – Austin, Texas – Melissa Dobbins, CEO of, joined Wendy Rentschler, Tanner Holmes, and the Empyrean team to present the Journey from Bias to Awareness through Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging. As part of Empyrean’s ongoing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion series, Melissa presented actionable strategies to drive awareness and enable more inclusive cultures.

“Wow, this exercise was intriguing. And the piece on impactful awareness should be something we give to everyone in grade school or that gets a driver’s license…..

Overall: Best awareness training I’ve participated in to date. And I loved Melissa’s ability to deliver and facilitate, great energy too!”

Sr. Analyst, Empyrean

The training was recorded and is available for anyone to view. Click here to view the training session.


Career.Place, formed in 2016, offers an anonymous candidate screening tool that removes bias from the hiring process while promoting diversity and compliance. Applicants move through an consistent and semi-automated hiring funnel defined and managed by the employer for open job positions. Candidates that prove they are qualified for the position exit the funnel and move forward into a company’s final stage hiring process.




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