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Job Boards, Career Pages, & Accessibility

July 2019 Newsletter

1. New Job board: abilityJOBS

We are proud to announce the availability of the abilityJOBS job board through abilityJOBS is a highly accessible platform catering to job seekers with disabilities.

Integrating with abilityJOBS is part of the effort to provide customers the opportunity to increase diversity, promote compliance, and gain access to great talent.

Current data shows averages of less than 5% of candidates from traditional job boards have disabilities, though according to the CDC, over 25% of the population have disabilities.

With, post your job to abilityJOBS along with a variety of other job boards, to increase diversity at the top of the funnel.

2. What’s New - Career Page

Thanks to popular request, has introduced the career page. The automatically generated career page allows your candidates to find the perfect job within minutes.

  • Displays all active jobs automatically

  • Provides candidates with easy-to-use search and filters to find the perfect job

  • Supports branding so organizations can make their page their own within minutes

Want to learn more about’s career page? Contact us at

3. Feature Spotlight - Accessible Assessments

Attracting candidates with disabilities is a good start, but the evaluation process must also be accessible.

Career.Place is designed with accessibility in mind. For example, did you know our integrated assessments have many accessibility features including:

  • No time limits so those with disabilities such as mobility impairments or dyslexia aren’t at a disadvantage.

  • Laptop/mobile support so those with disabilities like autism and anxiety disorders can stay in their comfort zone and perform at their best.

  • Gray scale testing so colorblind doesn’t impact the ability to respond.

Embrace accessible hiring with

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