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Tips to increase candidate quantity and quality from sourcing partners

With competition for talent remaining high, optimizing sourcing partnerships such as those with educational institutions, industry and discipline associations, and other communities have become a critical element to many recruitment strategies. This is especially true for those sources that feed critical roles, engage underrepresented communities, or provide a steady stream of candidates for high-volume positions.

For some, these sourcing partners are also becoming increasingly important as sponsoring jobs on job boards, using job-related ad-words, and purchasing premium access to candidate databases are becoming too expensive for many organizations to compete.

With such a burden on sourcing partners, it begs the question:

“How can I drive success with these sources and stand out from the crowd?”

Great question.

Here are a few tips:

1) Focus on meeting their needs, not them filling your reqs

A common mistake many organizations make with sourcing relationships is focusing on what they want out of it. Filling jobs and providing opportunities for people to get their jobs is all well and good, but it’s also what everyone else is doing. When there are more jobs than candidates within the sources’ community, then, at best, your positions will get thrown on the pile with all the others for candidates to sift through.

Stop that. Instead, shift the focus.

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