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Candidate Experience & Audio Only Interviews

April, 2019 Newsletter

1. Boosting Candidate Experience

Candidate attention is hard to capture and harder to retain. Without catchy messaging and creative delivery, candidates become indifferent at best to job opportunities.

Career.Place is now optimized to capture and keep the candidate’s attention through a variety of new capabilities.

  • Short visual introduction designed to quickly orient and excite new applicants

  • Game-like achievements for every step

  • Continuous orientation so candidates always know where they are, where they stand, and what is next

Want to learn more about our candidate experience? Contact us at

2. What’s New - Audio-only Interviews

As promised, has expanded to include audio-only recorded interviews.

Organizations or hiring teams can now get the value of interview questions without the potentially biasing video imagery simply by turning the video off when setting up the question.

For candidates, the video and new audio-only interviews have the same simple interface and are mobile-friendly.

Create a job in and add your own audio-only interview questions s!

3. Feature Spotlight - Telecommute jobs post everywhere

Looking to hire a telecommute position? Why limit the candidate pool to those who are looking within one location when with one click your job can be posted in 50.

When selecting ‘telecommute’ as the location, automatically posts to the top 50 employment locations across the United States, maximizing the number of job views.

And it doesn’t cost you a dime!

Use for your next telecommute job.




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