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Career.Place continues to make the hiring process easier by integrating with Slack™

Career.Place now delivers applicant activity to Human Resource channels

Career.Place, removing bias one hire at a time, announced today its capability to integrate with Slack, a leading team and professional collaboration platform, improving time to hire and overall candidate experience.

Career.Place’s product is already capable of integrating with leading ATS’s and job boards, making the integration of a leading collaboration app the next logical step.

“Career.Place already has great reporting capabilities, informing HR professionals and hiring managers where and what each applicant is doing as they advance through the hiring process – it was logical that we build the capability to now do the same thing with the world’s leading professional collaboration app,” said Melissa Dobbins, Career.Place CEO. “With this integration, hiring teams get applicant activities sent directly to their preferred Slack channel.”

Using Slacks open API, simply requires a user to authenticate with Slack through the solution; once authenticated, the user chooses the channel that they want activities delivered to and they are finished.

Slack users can now have applicant activities sent to them individually or to hiring teams. Additionally, Slack users will receive daily activity summary report across all jobs they are responsible for allowing them to be more proactive in managing their hiring programs.

Career.Place continues to upset the hiring process – making the resume the last thing a hiring manager sees, not the first – eliminating bias that causes so many qualified candidates to be passed over.

“The candidate experience, which is something that every company and applicant wants to be positive, can now be more easily realized,” said Gabe Gurman, Career.Place COO. “HR professionals and hiring teams can now be notified, through their Slack channel, that an applicant is waiting for the next step in their hiring process, removing the number one complaint – that applications enter corporate black holes.”

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