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Cotopaxi Success Story – Driving diversity and efficiency with Career.Place

In an effort to align their hiring practices with their mission to Do Good, Cotopaxi partnered with Career.Place to support their efforts in increasing inclusion, equity, and diversity in an industry that tends to lack diverse representation. With Career.Place’s anonymous screening platform, they have been able to attract and hire more diversely, equitably, and efficiently.

Increased Diversity

With the addition of the Career.Place eight months ago, and a continued focus on intentional and inclusive hiring, Cotopaxi increased their BIPOC (black, indigenous, and people of color) hires by over 30%. They are also increasing representation across several backgrounds and experiences.

“Many of our applicants are fueled by adventure and getting outside, however we look to be a place that is approachable to everyone no matter your connection to the outdoors. We value the different experiences and perspectives we each bring to the table and with Career.Place we have seen a more diverse applicant pool helping us expand our reach beyond the typical outdoorist who wants to join the team. Now we see a large breadth of interests that align with the unique products we create and customers we support.”

- Liz Berry, Manager of Talent Acquisition

Increased Efficiency

Since partnering with Career.Place, Cotopaxi has used the Career.Place anonymous candidate screening platform for every job opening they have (and there are a lot!). Since launching, the team has seen a decrease in time-to-fill by about two weeks, resulting in a 20% reduction for both exempt and non-exempt roles. In some cases, the hiring teams are reducing their time spent screening and interviewing by nearly 50%.

“Instead of reviewing thousands of applications for our Customer Support roles we had to review less than fifty after candidates progressed through Career.Place. We were left with a smaller, stronger pool allowing us to progress through the interview process more effectively and efficiently. Not only did we find amazing qualified candidates, each had a unique background and interests.”

- Shannon Peltier, Customer Success Manager

Improved Candidate Experience

“Candidates love it!”

Taking every opportunity to live its ‘People First’ core value, Cotopaxi was thrilled to see how impactful their new Career.Place hiring process was for candidates. Candidates are rating their experience with Cotopaxi as ‘one of the best interview processes they’ve ever had’. And candidate satisfaction scores have increased by over 25%.

“We’ve never had so much unsolicited feedback before in our process. Candidates truly feel that they are being evaluated on what matters. A resume cannot tell the whole story and Career.Place helps us genuinely evaluate candidates on the skills that are needed to be successful within the role. Even those who are not selected appreciate the care and consideration we provide for every applicant.”

- Alex Alchin, Recruiting Coordinator

Bringing it all together

“We truly appreciate the addition of Career.Place to our recruitment process!”

The Cotopaxi team has been thrilled with the results – the increased diversity and representation, the improved candidate experience, the reduction in time and costs of the process, all while living the values and mission of the Cotopaxi brand.

“We are very intentional about how we recruit, and this addition aligns with our focus on creating an accessible, equitable ‘People First’ process for our candidates.

Not only have we saved time and improved the quality of our candidates, we have seen increased diversity and representation within our candidate pools all while living the values and mission of the Cotopaxi brand.

We look to do business differently which means we need to recruit differently.”

- Marissa Magno, VP of People and Inclusion

See how Career.Place can help support your brand and values through diversity, equity, efficiency and candidate experience.

See press release from Cotopaxi.

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