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Publishing Concepts, Inc (PCI) Realizes Major Improvements in Hiring & Retention with Career.Place


Before, Publishing Concepts, Inc (PCI) suffered from an all-too common retention challenge. Turnover in their call center averaged 100%, leaving the Talent Acquisition team constantly scrambling to refill the ranks.

Within a couple months of adopting, and our methodology of pre-defining the needs of the job and how to evaluate those needs, their attrition plummeted from 100% down to only 25%.

“We’ve also improved our quality of hire resulting in significantly reduced attrition. We went from needing to hire 20 people a month to just keep our call center staffed down to just 5

The difference? The people who get the jobs want to be here. They understand what it is to be successful here and have proven they can do it through”

And retention is just the tip of the iceberg.


Part of the challenge for finding the right candidates was the limited options. While PCI was getting quantity of candidates through their job board partners, they were not getting enough quality.

With’s candidate flow optimization features and the help of our customer support, PCI saw a 5x increase in their candidate flow overnight. Even better, they were able to cut their spend with the major job boards by 50% ($2,000/month) without seeing any reduction in candidate quality or quantity.

“I felt like I was being taken advantage of by the job board – they were always asking for more and more but delivering less and less.

Not only did you help me navigate the difficult relationship with our less-than-helpful job board provider, you also saved me a ton of money!”

And jumping 5 times the candidate flow overnight did not negatively impact time to hire or candidate experience. With, it was just the opposite.


Using the streamlined candidate qualification process, PCI’s team handled the large increase in candidates while cutting time to hire in half. Before, it took PCI an average of 14 – 20 days to hire a call center employee. With, it averages 7 days from post to offer.

And it did so while improving candidate experience.


To top it off, PCI increased its retention, increased its candidate flow, and reduced the time, and expense of hiring, all while improving candidate experience.

“We’ve tried many solutions that claim better candidate experience and more efficient hiring. But candidates didn’t like those other processes.

I would constantly get messages from candidates asking for us to reconsider as they were so much more than the resume. But now, with, I don’t get that anymore. Now they have the opportunity to show what they can do without the resume, and they know when they don’t earn the job.

Now when we get feedback about our hiring process, it’s positive. Candidates feel like they are given a true and fair chance. And no one falls through the cracks.”



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