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The Anatomy of a Compelling Job Description

Career.Place has made it a mission to not only remove bias from the hiring process, but to also help human resource professionals attract qualified candidates.

With that thought in mind, has published its first white paper - The Anatomy of a Compelling Job Description.

Discover the six steps to attracting qualified candidates:

  • Job Title - use a title that is informative

  • Salary Range - don't waste your or an applicants time with unrealistic expectations

  • Benefits - use them to give you the edge over other companies

  • Job Summary - tell applicants what the job is and if it's a fit, not what they will do

  • Corporate Culture - use it to tell applicants that it is a place they will enjoy and thrive in

  • Requirements - clearly communicate expectations

With easy to follow examples - from what not to do to what is the best - this white paper explains and then shows in an engaging manner the best way to attract the best talent with a well thought out job description.

To download, go here.


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