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Tip of the week: For years of experience requirements only use one number

Reason: “Must have three to five years of experience.” Does this mean you won’t hire someone with six or more years of experience? Using a range for years of experience communicates to applicants that you don’t want them if they have too much experience. Even more problematic – this is a form of ageism – leaving out applicants with more years to accumulate more experience. There are common reasons for using a range, such as minimizing flight risk and boredom or avoiding those who want too much money. However, rather than capping experience, test for the concerns behind the caps. Many applicants do what they do because they love it – it isn’t boring, they aren’t looking for too much money, and they are not a flight risk. Stop using ranges that exclude experienced candidates. Use “must have at least three years of experience” and ask questions to address underlying concerns. 

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