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Tip of the week: Raise awareness for all marginalized groups continuously and with action

Reason: Inclusion starts with understanding and awareness. For example, organizations can be more effective at including Veterans when the people conducting screening and interviews are aware of what Veterans need, such as not placing them with their back to the door or assuming they understand the jargon of the civilian industry. For example, organizations can be more inclusive of those on the Autism scale when they know what they need, such as not judging on eye contact, and using direct verbal communication rather than body language to convey information. Awareness across all marginalized groups is more than just semi-annual training and a few friendly phrases. It requires continuous reinforcement and actionable content. When designing an inclusive program, include short ‘bite-size’ training in multiple formats (such as weekly tips for inclusive hiring and short videos). Make the content on-demand as well as scheduled and make sure it is all easily accessible.

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