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August, 2018 Newsletter

1. Try for free!

Did you know you can use Career.Place for free? Set up your jobs, post to common job boards, evaluate candidates, and unlock your first three candidates all without paying a dime.

In addition, there is no cost to:

  • Post your job to multiple job boards including Google and ZipRecruiter. Always free!

Evaluate candidates with integrated assessments, quiz solutions, and embedded video interviews.

  • Generate adverse-impact reports – giving valuable insight and data to EEO & OFCCP standards.

Try us out today. No credit card required – we promise.

Contact us to get started today:

Or sign-in to get started.

2. What’s New - Stepping-up Candidate Experience

Better, brighter, more engaging – introducing the new applicant experience!

  • Detailed assessment results: Candidates don’t just take assessments, they see results designed to help them find the perfect job.

  • Transparency: Candidates always know where they are, what’s next, and where they stand.

Thank you for all those that provided feedback. Keep it coming!

to your account to check it out.

3. Feature Spotlight - Track your Spend

Did you know that you can add ‘Where did you hear about this job’ to the candidate questionnaire?

See how well your investment is working in advertising or outreach programs by measuring your ROI – the number of candidates generated per program.

Career.Place also breaks down the data by date, so you can see how your programs perform over time.

Want to learn more? Contact us at:

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