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Posting a Job Anywhere and Texting!

June 2019 Newsletter

1. Posting Jobs anywhere and everywhere

With, a job can now be posted to a single location, across a region, or anywhere in the United States. Increase the applicant pool without creating multiple jobs, and all candidates flow through a single evaluation funnel.

· Post to two or more specific locations for multi-office jobs.

· Post across a region or state for territory roles.

· Post across the country for telecommute roles or roles that include relocation packages.

Have a job for one or more offices that spans a territory or is a telecommute role? Get the right candidates with

2. What’s New - Text Messaging & Social Media

A main theme of candidate engagement is to engage candidates where they are. With this in mind, has expanded texting and social media communications.

Candidates can now opt-in to receiving in-system notifications and personal messages via text message. However, only the good news goes to text – candidate experience comes first.

Job notifications can now be automatically sent to major social media channels. Blast jobs across social media groups and accounts so candidates never miss a great opportunity.

Want to learn more about how drives candidate engagement – contact us at

3. Feature Spotlight - Stop those liars, liars, pants on fire

Did you know has several methods to stop less-than-forthcoming candidates from clogging the pipeline and wasting your time?

· Candidates must say ‘yes/no’ to every requirement – and it’s harder to lie when ‘plausible deniability’ is removed. (i.e. “oh, I didn’t see that requirement”)

· Before submitting, candidates must digitally sign a ‘this is the truth’ statement.

· Employers can use a quiz to test for that absolute ‘must have’ knowledge.

Cut down the liars, use for your next job.

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