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ROI Case Study and more!

September, 2018 Newsletter

1. New ROI Case Study Available

See how helped a Director of Talent Acquisition of a mid-sized tech company by reducing their time to evaluate candidates by over 85%.

For the full case study or if you would like to talk directly to the Director and hear her story, Contact us at

2. What’s New - Candidate History report

Enabling compliance has never been easier with the new Candidate History Report. Export the full history of any candidate evaluated including:

  • All candidate-submitted content

  • Team ratings and comments

  • Full timeline and status history

  • Reason for decision to hire or not to hire

Want to learn more? Contact us at:

Visit our website to learn more about how helps companies remain compliant.

3. Feature Spotlight - Team Review

One of the best defenses against bias is to use multiple points of view when evaluating candidates. Career.Place, enables multiple people to review and rate candidate submissions through team review.

  • Tracks comments and ratings for each question by team member.

  • Calculates blended rating results to easily compare candidate work.

  • All ratings and comments are recorded and included in candidate history export.

to your account to check it out.

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