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Tip of the week: Qualifying for a job rarely includes a candidate's style

Reason: We’ve all probably heard it many times “I can tell all I need to know about a candidate by the way they dress – are they neat, do they have an attention to detail, are they polished or laid-back, etc.” No, you can’t. Choice of clothing, make-up, hair, tattoos, etc. is influenced by a variety of reasons and interpreted through our own biased lenses. From socio-economic status, to how parents dressed, to wearing the one thing that was available after a devastating fire the night before (yes, that has actually happened), how people dress and what they look like is a sure indicator of only one thing – what they look like at that moment. Before jumping to any conclusions based on that incredible “I know it all just by looking” intuition, test those conclusions, and keep it to only things relevant for the job and organization. Bonus tip – let your candidates know the dress code before the interview.

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