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Tip of the week: "I can't talk about it" is a valid answer

Reason: Some candidates cannot be as open with their knowledge and experiences as you or they would like, and it’s not their fault. For example, candidates with military, intelligence, or law enforcement backgrounds are legally obligated to protect sensitive and classified information. Those with non-disclosure agreements or who have been exposed to “insider information” also cannot legally share that information. Consider this, if the candidate is unwilling to share other’s secrets and sensitive information to get the job they really want, what do you think they will do with your secret and sensitive information (or vice versa). When a candidate says “I can’t talk about it”, rather than push the candidate or dismiss them, switch from ‘what have you done’ to ‘what will you do if…’ type of questions so they can show you what their knowledge, skills, and experience will do for you.

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