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Tip of the week: Explain the hiring process up front

REASON: Not everyone has the same experience with the hiring process, or at least, to your hiring process. For some the process is entirely new. For example, those who are applying to their first job and Veterans fresh out of the military – they do not apply for jobs while in service. For others, the process is not at all what they expect or have experienced, such as for those who haven’t applied for a job in years or those switching industries. Candidates who don’t know what is happening or what will happen next could be left feeling disoriented, nervous, or confused, which will put them at a disadvantage. Avoid those uncomfortable ‘what will happen’ jitters. Layout the application process for all candidates – the steps, what happens in each step, when it will happen, and when they will hear the results. As a bonus, having a transparent process is a great way to improve candidate experience for everyone – from those new to the process to the interviewing pros.

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