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Inclusive Hiring & Reasonable Accommodations

January, 2019 Newsletter

1. Career.Place Tips for Inclusive Hiring

“My boss says they want to be better with diversity and inclusion, but I can’t get my organization to actually do anything.”

Sound familiar?

Yes, change is hard. Changing the approach and culture of hiring practices to make them more engaging and inclusive can feel impossible. But, we are launching something that will help.

Career.Place is proud to announce our new weekly Tips for Inclusive Hiring. Each tip is a small, low/no cost action that anyone can understand, embrace, and adopt. They are designed to create more inclusive hiring environments while raising awareness and building momentum towards inclusive, fair hiring.

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2. What’s New - Reasonable Accommodations option

Career.Place now offers candidates the option to turn on a new Reasonable Accommodations mode during the job evaluation process in

Adding to our already accessible designs, candidates that require more time can now self-identify as requiring reasonable accommodations to turn off timed elements of the evaluation.

To maintain a highly compliant process while avoiding biases, employers will not be notified if a candidate has used reasonable accommodations until unlocking the candidate at the end of the evaluation.

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3. Feature Spotlight - Re-inviting candidates back to job

Career.Place efficiently screens out candidates that don’t meet basic job requirements. But what if it turns out a requirement is not really needed after all? And, candidates were already disqualified?

Not a problem! Did you know that not only shows why candidates are being disqualified but also allows authorized users to modify requirements on a live job and re-engage candidates?

Once a requirement is removed, employers have the option to invite all disqualified candidates back into the process, maintaining a fair and consistent process while protecting your applicant funnel.

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