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Tip of the week: Ask all applicants if there is anything they need

Reason: There are often a lot of steps when moving through the candidate selection process to find future employees, from the initial screening to final interview. For some of those steps, some candidates may require reasonable accommodations. However, many candidates are uncomfortable asking or informing their future employer for fear of impacting their chances of getting the job, embarrassment, or simply out of shyness in an already intimidating process. Some don’t even realize that their requests are reasonable or normal. Help candidates. During the process, keep the candidates informed of the steps and ask if there is anything you can do or any accommodations to ensure they have a great experience. Even better, give a small but widely varying examples of accommodations. For example, inform them that you have highly accessible locations, multiple time slots to accommodate various schedules, specialized refrigerators for medications and special foods, and several lunch options to accommodate a variety of food restrictions.

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