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Tip of the week: Train the interviewers

Reason: Interviewing is not a natural skill supported by innate knowledge. It must be taught and refreshed, just like all other skills. Before releasing a new hiring manager, subject matter expert, or recruiter loose on candidates, train them. Effective techniques, respectful responses, topics to avoid (for both legal and/or professional reasons), etc. And, just like with any other skill, teaching once and in one format is usually not enough. Consider making a variety of materials available to refresh rules and best practices - from short-format blogs to video clips, to a full guide. A simple ‘tip of the week’ is a great way to keep the topic front of mind without being overwhelming. Combined with a pre-established process and pre-defined questions and answers (see other tips), training your interviewers will ensure all candidates are treated well and appropriately – making for a great, inclusive candidate experience.

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