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Tip of the week: Don't forget to schedule the 'thank you and goodbye' at the end of the interview

Reason: Imagine taking a day off work, spending hours prepping, showing up 20 minutes early and giving yourself a pep-talk in the car, then, with a deep breath and a last murmured “you got this”, walking to your onsite interview. Three hours and four interviews later, you are left sitting in a room by yourself staring blankly at the door. Finally, someone you don’t know pops their head in – “Oh, I think you are done, do you know how to get out?” What would you think of the organization after an experience like that? When scheduling onsite interviews, always schedule the ‘goodbye’ conversation. This ten-minute conversation is a good time to thank the candidate for their time, get feedback on their experience and the process, see if they have any questions, set expectations for follow-up, and ensure that they have no trouble leaving (that includes parking validation, bathroom breaks, etc.). 

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