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Volunteers, AI Reporting, and Skills

1. Introducing Our Free Volunteer Offering

Career.Place is proud to announce that we are now free to use for all volunteer positions. As a mission-based company passionate about removing bias from hiring, we are excited to support all your missions. Looking to coordinate volunteers for a single event or a massive program? We are here to help:

  • Verify requirements: Easily check if your volunteers have the basics from driver licenses to skills in excel.

  • Ask questions: One place to collect everything from availability to skills and interests.

  • Use Assessments: Need volunteers with specific soft skills? Take advantage of our built-in assessments.

Contact us to get started today:

Or sign into and set the ‘Employment Type’ to “volunteer” in the job profile.

2. EEO Adverse Impact Report

Introducing the new Adverse Impact report. See the distribution of demographics across the hiring pipeline to enable:

  • Compliance reporting at a click of a button: includes detailed statistical reporting designed to EEO-1 standards.

  • Quickly diagnose diversity roadblocks with demographic breakdowns for each step of the hiring funnel.

  • Data at your fingertips: Export report in excel to incorporate into your corporate reporting and archiving policies.

Sign in to to check it out.

3. Using Proficiency with Skills

Did you know that when using yes/no when asking if someone has a skill, women tend to lean toward no unless they are an expert, and men tend to lean toward yes with modest knowledge?

Adding proficiency level to skills rather than just yes/no closes this gender gap, allowing all candidates to self-qualify more accurately. Career.Place includes proficiency levels in both hard skills and languages to promote fair qualification in the hiring process. Sign in to to check it out.

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