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November, 2018 Newsletter

1. Expanded Candidate Sourcing Options

The war on talent requires solutions that will fill your hiring funnel with more qualified candidates. Career.Place is proud to announce our partnership with eQuest, a premier global job board marketplace.

When a job is ready to be advertised, simply select eQuest to post your job. Job boards include common free job boards, diversity focused boards and premium job boards, such as LinkedIn, Monster and Dice.

Contact us at or log into to check it out.

2. What’s New - Reduce time-to-hire with Slack

Looking for improved time-to-hire and a better Candidate Experience? We now integrate with Slack, the leading corporate collaboration hub.

  • Hiring teams get immediate notifications when candidates submit homework or interview responses.

  • Daily job status reports are delivered to hiring managers and HR.

Keep candidates moving in the hiring funnel so they stay engaged with your jobs.

Contact us at to learn more.

3. Feature Spotlight - Default Job Requirements

Did you know you can default qualification requirements on your jobs?

Simply go to your Organization Settings and choose common requirements from our list or create your own. Once set, every new job you create will already have these populated, saving you time.​

to your account to check it out.

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