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December, 2018 Newsletter

1. Career.Place Shares Best Practices

Career.Place is proud to announce our new White Paper series where we will share best practices to create an unbiased and inclusive hiring process. We are super excited to share with you our first White Paper outlining techniques on creating effective Job Descriptions. Click here to download it.

In 2019, look for our upcoming White papers on choosing Assessment Providers and determining those Must-Have Job Qualifications.

Also, be sure to check out our latest blogs on our website.

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2. What’s New - Expanded Candidate Notifications

Engage your candidates with a personal touch on notifications while providing them a clear view where they stand. Key features include:

  • Customizable messaging for candidates available in all stages of the hiring funnel.

  • Graphical representation of hiring status for candidates so they know where they stand and what remains.

Keep candidates engaged and moving forward in the hiring funnel.

Check it out in your Organization Settings at

3. Feature Spotlight - Default Job Requirements

Did you know allows you to post your jobs for free on Google for Jobs and ZipRecruiter?

Simply go to a job’s Manage Posting page and select from these options. Expand your sourcing options without exhausting your wallet.

And, as a reminder, we recently launched our eQuest integration giving you access to thousands of free and premium job boards.

Sign-in to your account to check it out or contact us at

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