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Career.Place Offers Solution to Charities for Free

Charities can now find qualified volunteers using’s hiring solution

Career.Place, removing bias one hire at a time, announced today the free use of its solution for charities to find qualified volunteers for its organization.

“Charities are in a tough position,” said Melissa Dobbins, CEO of “They rely on volunteers to do a large part of the work for them to function but yet have little time and money to screen every single individual that wants to volunteer. By offering our solution to them, for free, we know that we save them hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year as well as saving countless hours of them sifting through applications. With, they can move right to the final steps of enabling them to be a volunteer.”

Career.Place is a SaaS based product that removes bias from the hiring process by not relying on the resume as the beginning piece of the hiring equation. Instead,’s solution asks a series of questions from salary desired to taking assessments, allowing only those qualified to advance to an employers desk.

“We are pleased to offer, for free, our solution to charities that rely on volunteers. Freeing up their time to meet their mission, instead of looking for volunteers, is something that we have wanted to do since we founded our company – and are now able to do so,” said Gabe Gurman, COO of

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