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For the past year and a half, the blog has published articles on a wide range of important hiring subjects. From removing bias, to promoting diversity and inclusion, to addressing compliance and sharing best practices (with a smattering of other somewhat related pontifications). We have covered topics from the business value of diversity to the shifts in compliance regulations, to what it is to be truly inclusive. We have provided cautionary and inspirational tales, actionable tips, and step-by-step approaches to dealing with so many of these common hiring challenges.

And in all that time, we have neglected one rather important topic, and it is my fault.

My marketing adviser has been begging me for months to write a blog series on how addresses all the different challenges we have been writing about.

“Educating and raising awareness is great, but if you don’t give your readers the next step, then how will they know how we can help?” he argued.

“But that is web content, not a blog,” I argued back, standing defiant in my strict interpretation of what belongs in a blog and what belongs on a website. 

And so, he would roll his eyes at me and wait for the next opportunity to try again to show me the light.


To his credit, he didn’t give up, and his techniques grew quite creative. And yet still I resisted. 

One of us was wrong… 

You know that phenomenon where if you are told something by your spouse or parent or close friend, you dismiss it – I mean seriously, what do they know? But as soon as someone else who you don’t know very well and doesn’t have nearly the vested interest in you or your passions, tells you the same thing – it must be right.

I was talking with a D&I expert and consultant working with companies on D&I programs by focusing on creating a culture of change. During the conversation, she told me:

“Melissa, you need a blog post or two that directly connects all of these issues with how works to address them, otherwise, how will people know?”



Coming soon: the blog about

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be releasing a series of articles that show how addresses the common hiring challenges. From removing bias and increasing diversity, to promoting compliance, to helping to reduce time and costs of hiring. We will cover it all. 

Does it belong on a webpage and not a blog? Perhaps. But we exist as a company to solve these issues head-on, so perhaps it belongs wherever it will be noticed and can make a difference.

So fine, I will admit it – Blaine, you were right.  

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